Authors and Illustrators

As I said in a recent post, I believe in picture books!  And of course, I’m not alone.  Librarians, parents, authors and illustrators around the world are collaborating and celebrating the joy that these books bring during Picture Book Month.  The video above (from 2011 when Picture Book Month began) captures many of my feelings about the picture book, and I’m looking forward to promoting them this month and always.


In October we’ll have a focus on mysteries.  It seems appropriate, what with all the excitement about ghosts and goblins, right?  To launch our unit, we put up this bulletin board for students to guess the mystery book characters.  How many can you name?

Renowned author and illustrator Maurice Sendak passed away on Tuesday at the age of 83.  Though he might be most famous for his Caldecott Award-winning book Where the Wild Things Are, I always loved his illustrations for Elsa Minarik’s Little Bear series, and his book Chicken Soup with Rice.  When I was a second grade teacher we often performed Chicken Soup as a class.