You may have heard your child talk about Tumblebooks.  For the past two years, the library has purchased a subscription to this Canadian-based database of electronic books.  We have a button on the library webpage that gives you and your family 24/7 access to over a thousand ebooks, many of which you’ll recognize as favorites.

There never seems to be enough time during our library classes for children to explore there, so I hope that if you have Internet access at home you’ll consider it as a choice for your children.  In addition to listening to and watching the animated stories, there are accompanying quizzes and puzzles as well.  This is a great alternative to other online activities!


In first grade we’ve begun an author study of Mem Fox, a popular literacy teacher and author from Australia.  We’ll be using the unit as an opportunity to read some non-fiction about the country of Australia and some of its unique wildlife, as well as lots of fictional works by the author.

Here’s the link to some websites we’ll be using.

Also, if you’re interested in a book for adults by Mem Fox, I highly recommend Radical Reflections:  Passionate Opinions on Teaching, Learning, and Living.  (We have it here in the LC.)  It definitely helped shape some of my thinking as a parent and teacher.