We’re back again for the remainder of the 2012-13 school year!  This stretch between the holidays and the February break is always a great uninterrupted instructional time.  Here in the library we generally use this block of time to work with the Red Clover books before the April voting time.  So far we’ve read three;  most recently it was Lane Smith’s book called Grandpa Green.  In this book, narrated by the great-grandson, an aging  great-grandpa remembers landmarks in his life because of the topiary he’s created in his garden.

This week we’ll be reading Mini Grey’s Three by the Sea about a stranger who comes and upsets the established friendship between the three main characters–a cat, a dog, and a mouse.  I’ll be checking in with students to see if they can determine the central message or theme in the story.  (This is one of the Literature standards in the Common Core State Standards that we’re implementing.)  Given the importance of friends at this age level, I’m sure the book will spark some great discussions!