You may have heard your child talk about Tumblebooks.  For the past two years, the library has purchased a subscription to this Canadian-based database of electronic books.  We have a button on the library webpage that gives you and your family 24/7 access to over a thousand ebooks, many of which you’ll recognize as favorites.

There never seems to be enough time during our library classes for children to explore there, so I hope that if you have Internet access at home you’ll consider it as a choice for your children.  In addition to listening to and watching the animated stories, there are accompanying quizzes and puzzles as well.  This is a great alternative to other online activities!


Hopefully you’ve gotten the word from your child(ren) that we now have a subscription to Tumblebooks, an online library of e-books.  Included are picture books, classic chapter books, middle grade novels, books in several languages, and non-fiction.  Supplementary materials include puzzles and games that accompany many of the books.

This is a great option for your children when you might be too busy to read a book to them. (I remember the “arsenic hour” between 5 and 6 pm when my own kiddos were little.  They often needed a story just when I was trying to chop vegetables for dinner, fold a load of clothes, etc.)  Tumblebooks can’t replace you and your snuggle-up time with a book, but it’s a compromise–beats video games or many TV offerings.

I hope you’ll give it a try soon.  Simply visit the Hiawatha Library page and click on the blue Tumblebooks button.